Nayumi’s first collection is entirely made of Indonesian ikat. It’s a weaving method that is well known worldwide. In Indonesia ikat has been made for centuries and can be found in many regions throughout the islands. In this collection we are using ikat from three different Indonesian islands: Sumatra, Java and Bali.

We buy the fabric directly from local weavers in different regions of Indonesia. All fabric is handwoven and therefore each piece of cloth is unique. We then send the fabric to our seamstress Lupi, who lives in Jakarta and transforms the textiles into our beautiful Nayumi clothes. From beginning to end every piece is entirely made by hand.

The designs and cuts of the clothes were all developed by ourselves and tested in everyday life with our kids. For the patterns we worked with Odile Hautemulle of "atelier a notre façon".

Below you can see our wonderful Lupi at work.